Posted by: Leigh | January 1, 2009

New Year’s Eve at Camp Lonehollow

In 2007, I went with a couple of friends over to Camp Waldemar in Hunt, TX for a Christmas bazaar.  It was so festive and I met lots of very nice people.  One person in particular is Meg Clark the director of the Camp.  She organized the Christmas bazaar and all and it just so happened that that night her golden retriever, Honey, was giving birth to 13 goldendoodle puppies.  It was so exciting throughout the evening to hear news of all the pups being born.  Meg and her husband, Clayton, have started a new camp in Vanderpool, TX called Camp Lonehollow.  They celebrate each New Year with camp families and friends and invited us to come over with a few of our alpacas to show and for picture opportunities with the children.

We had a lovely time, the weather was perfect and the children who got to meet the alpacas were very kind.  Lots of pictures were taken of the children with their favorite alpaca.  We took Paschal, Jack and Calhoun.  All three of these boys are very friendly and used to people.



And this is a picture of the beautiful sunset that we were blessed to enjoy!




  1. Leigh, I’m so glad to find your blog! I am completely addicted to blogging myself.

    This post almost brought tears to my eyes. Why? I am a Waldemar girl. For 7 summers I wore the Aztec green at Camp Waldemar. It was the greatest experience of my youth. My oldest daughter went to Waldemar too. Can’t wait for the twins to go!

    Thanks for bringing alpacas to Waldemar. That really warms my heart.

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